Rebirth of Legends

U n t o l d     P r o p h e c y

"Disease and plague,"
"they scourge the lands and at its head,"
"her Dormarth."

"Be weary my children,"
"while his promised ones, the originators of it all,"
"watch from their tower of stone."

"His Addewid shall fall to ruin as does their land."

"Purify as they might, the offer will not prevail."
"Nothing more than echoes, wielded with hate"
"until they are no more."

"Dormarth will wander and the Addewid cower,"
"awaiting for the trinity to break."

"The lines between Death, Rebirth, and Life will blur,"

"Enaid teetering on the brink until anew is chosen."

"There is one nurtured in the womb of promise,"
"sired by the reach of death,"
and born into arms of hate."

"Only a soul touched by three, will lead change to either salvation or damnation."

"Forget not, the prophecy, thus told."

Enaid; Rebirth of Legends 

-is a literate, semi realistic role play community. We have been widely active over summer and this coming season we are looking forward to a new chapter. Those returning to us know we've lost a few good characters to the plot. As sad as it was to see them go, a new generation is left in it's path. Come join us and unravel a whole new story. 


  Announcements; Howls of Enaid 


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    Audio book coming eventually~



 Sub-notes & Disclaimers


  • Enaid's webediters apologize in advance if content is lost during maintenance.

  • To provide ease of plot lines, some storyboards maybe adjusted without consent of participants.

  • Download Reminder you are not required to download presets, markings, items, or textures. These are for enhancing roleplay fun. Map excluded, you'll need to contact your recruiter for the password. Any and all downloads will be at your digression and members of Enaid will not be responsible in the event issues in relation arise.

  • The map is currently in progress, as will develop with the roleplay. Think of it as unexplored adventures.

  • Roleplay, topics, and views discussed within the group may reach above PG13. We do not hold ourselves accountable for parental guidance; however, if requested at the time, will respect each other and see fit to alternative solutions.

  • Our FH group is called Angau; Rebirth of Legends. If you have trouble finding us, you can always leave your username on the quick chat. For all other inquiries, log in and use our forums for help.